Feedback from Our Audience

“Jim knows how to capture his audience. He creates excitement. The entire program was priceless”
Mario F.
“I met Jim at a local library 8 years ago and have followed his workshops ever since. I gave 10 autographed copies of his book to friends throughout the year.”
Pati S.
“I came with high expectations and they were surpassed.” 
Rosemary W.
“Mr. Ryan presents an eloquent and energetic program. He enjoys what he does and it shows. Jim speaks many truths that the world really needs to hear. If people listened to these truths all the present discontent that is swallowing the world will greatly diminish. PEACE on EARTH in not impossible”.
Eleanor C.
“Jim’s talk was very inspiring. It was an uplifting experience that opened my eyes to new ideas.”
Liz B.
“Jim is a wonderful communicator”
Lorrie W.
“I discovered your book years ago. I’m so happy to finally hear you speak”.
Terry M.
“Great job! 2 hours went by very fast!”
Diane S.
“It’s reassuring, even comforting, that even Jim is working on his happiness every day. It makes me feel that I don’t have to be perfect to be happy. When I  make mistakes or get upset I can learn from it.”
Kelly M.
“You are the BEST! Your program was wonderful.”
Dalal F.
“Thank you for reminding us that happiness can be a simple thoughtful process. It doesn’t have to be complicated.”
Doreen R.
” The training was absolutely wonderful. It reminded me that I am responsible for what I do and I shall be more appreciative of my life.”
Eileen C.
“Very motivational talk. I loved it. You are an awesome presenter.”
“Excellent program. Super motivational.”
Kelly C.
“This was a delightful talk. I intend to use a lot of the ideas you spoke about”.
Liz S.
“I loved your book. I will share it with my family. Thanks.”
Chuck W.