aha Moments

aha Moments

Every Wednesday morning I send out to my email list an uplifting thought, something positive to help you get through the week. These are thoughts to perhaps give you a different perspective on living life with more joy and happiness. Join me on my quest toward a more conscious life, seeing the same old things with different eyes. Enjoy a few of my aha Moments here!


We’ve all heard the expression, “It’s better to give than receive.” There’s no arguing that point, but some of us have a difficult time being on the receiving end of a things. When receiving a compliment; be gracious. Resist the inclination to deflect the compliment. Give the other person a chance to do something nice […]


In autumn, almost anywhere you go you can see them….acorns. Like so many things, there is more there than meets the eye. I keep one in my car and a couple on my desk. Though none of the physical properties of the acorn would indicate it, the accord possesses the essence of treeness. We can’t […]


A couple of years ago while playing golf, I hit a nice long drive on a par five hole. I was about to lay up to position myself for a good third shot when my playing partner encouraged me to go for the green. He said, “Go for it! IT’S ONLY GOLF!” I took out […]

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