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Jim’s Core Message

“Be at your best every day” and “Happiness is just a thought away” describe Jim’s core message, which serves as the backdrop for his keynotes and seminars. His unique ability to take profound, life changing concepts and relate them in a way that they are easily understood is what reaches the heart of his audiences. Jim’s ability to establish rapport immediately as well as his enthusiasm and genuine passion for his subject matter make for an engaging experience for every audience. A visionary, a leading edge thinker, his own sense of self and his happiness quotient serve to open up the minds and hearts of his listeners. What further separates Jim from the crowd is his ability to relate to his audiences through his considerable musical talent. Jim is an accomplished guitarist and singer. His musical interludes serve to solidify the concepts presented. Jim is as comfortable delivering a keynote to an audience of 1,000 as he is to facilitating an off site executive retreat.

Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, Jim’s inspirational book has met with rave reviews and has served as a blueprint for living a life of joy and fulfillment. It has been read and re-read by tens of thousands both in the USA and around the world.