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A visionary, a leading edge thinker, his own sense of self and his happiness quotient serve to open up the minds and hearts of his listeners.


“Be at your best every day” and “Happiness is just a thought away” describe Jim’s core message, which serves as the backdrop for his keynotes and seminars.

His unique ability to take profound, life changing concepts and relate them in a way that they are easily understood is what reaches the heart of his audiences. Jim’s ability to establish rapport immediately as well as his enthusiasm and genuine passion for his subject matter make for an engaging experience for every audience. A visionary, a leading edge thinker, his own sense of self and his happiness quotient serve to open up the minds and hearts of his listeners. What further separates Jim from the crowd is his ability to relate to his audiences through his considerable musical talent. Jim is an accomplished guitarist and singer. His musical interludes serve to solidify the concepts presented. Jim is as comfortable delivering a keynote to an audience of 1,000 as he is to facilitating an off site executive retreat.

Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, Jim’s inspirational book has met with rave reviews and has served as a blueprint for living a life of joy and fulfillment. It has been read and re-read by tens of thousands both in the USA and around the world.

What We Offer

Keynote Address

"Managing Thought the Key to Success in Business and in Life" and "Happy People Make Successful Companies" serve as a great kickoff to your conference or meeting. Attendees are energized and ready to participate.

Customized Workshops

Jim Ryan is a motivational speaker whose programs are customized to meet the needs of each sponsor and audience. As a professional speaker, Jim will spend as much time as needed to understand the issues and challenges that each individual audience faces. 

Employee/Client Appreciation Events

Say thank you to your most important people: your employees and your clients. Create an atmosphere of loyalty and camaraderie.  

Breakout Sessions

Jim's breakout sessions provide a more intimate atmosphere to compliment his energizing keynotes.  Standing room only audiences looking for more are given the opportunity to experience more of Jim's inspiring ideas.
Mary Noto-Gilroy, LMSW
Mary Noto-Gilroy, LMSW
Director of Learning and Development
SCO Family of Services

Jim's breakout session from our conference was the most desired and after the first day, word got out and participants at the conference were sneaking into his session. His use of humor, music and a truly inspirational message was exactly what our staff needed to feel seen, valued and encouraged to focus on choosing happiness.

We can't thank Jim enough for his time and energy. He was a huge part of what made our conference so successful. I highly recommend him for any event.



Years of




Some mornings your words speak directly to me. They push me to move forward to believe in myself. This Wednesday your post was especially appropriate. I am at the precipice of reaching a long worked for goal. When I let myself dare to believe it can happen, I yank myself back- not allowing myself to embrace that thought. 
This Wednesday, I read your words – this is happening to me now. I will allow myself to believe. I have always felt my gifts were a divine intervention; that God has guided me through and allowed me to experience the joy of the journey. 
So, the response to you is yes. Please put me on your Friday list. Your words of encouragement are always welcome.  - Annie

"On behalf of the entire Coach Realtors' organization, I thank you for your timely and inspiring presentation at our annual awards meeting. Your message was "just what the doctor ordered." You did a fine job conforming your material to our industry and the needs of the audience. Obviously you had your antennae up during our pre-event conversations! your delivery was clear, engaging and entertaining." - Georgianna Findlay Finn, Broker/Owner, Coach Realtors

“Jim knows how to capture his audience. He creates excitement. The entire program was priceless” - Mario F.

“I met Jim at a local library 8 years ago and have followed his workshops ever since. I gave 10 autographed copies of his book to friends throughout the year.” - Pati S.

“I came with high expectations and they were surpassed.”  - Rosemary W.

“Mr. Ryan presents an eloquent and energetic program. He enjoys what he does and it shows. Jim speaks many truths that the world really needs to hear. If people listened to these truths all the present discontent that is swallowing the world will greatly diminish. PEACE on EARTH in not impossible”. - Eleanor C.

“Jim’s talk was very inspiring. It was an uplifting experience that opened my eyes to new ideas.” - Liz B.

“Jim is a wonderful communicator” - Lottie W.

“I discovered your book years ago. I’m so happy to finally hear you speak”. - Terry M.

“Great job! 2 hours went by very fast!” - Diane S.

“It’s reassuring, even comforting, that even Jim is working on his happiness every day. It makes me feel that I don’t have to be perfect to be happy. When I  make mistakes or get upset I can learn from it.” - Kelly M.

“You are the BEST! Your program was wonderful.” - Dalal F.
“Thank you for reminding us that happiness can be a simple thoughtful process. It doesn’t have to be complicated.” - Doreen R.

"The training was absolutely wonderful. It reminded me that I am responsible for what I do and I shall be more appreciative of my life.” - Eileen C.

“Very motivational talk. I loved it. You are an awesome presenter.” - Fran
“Excellent program. Super motivational.” - Kelly C.
“This was a delightful talk. I intend to use a lot of the ideas you spoke about”. - Liz S.
“I loved your book. I will share it with my family. Thanks.” - Chuck W.

Jim Ryan.

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Jim Ryan is the founder and president of Jim Ryan Talks, an organization dedicated to the cultivation and development of each individual’s potential for living a life full of joy, fulfillment and success. Jim has the unique ability to take profound, life-changing concepts and turn them into easily understood solutions. Jim is a visionary, a leading edge thinker, whose words gently penetrate to the core of his listeners. His message empowers and inspires his audiences to live their best lives: a message that encourages each attendee to achieve his personal best, at home, at work and in personal relationships. If you are looking for a happier, more fulfilled life, you have landed in the right spot. Send us a message and let's get started!

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