It’s Worth a Try

The other day I came down with what I thought was a severe allergy attack: runny nose, crazy sneezing and a deep cough that made my stomach hurt. I was all set to seek medical attention, fearing it might be bronchitis or maybe even pneumonia. I took some over the counter remedies and dug deep into my spiritual bag of tricks. I said to myself with every sneeze and cough, “I give thanks for my ability to heal quickly.” The outcome: the symptoms are almost completely gone in one day. I remain with slight congestion in my head. No doctor visit, no more over the counter remedies. Amazing. It’s worth a try.

Jim Ryan.

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Jim Ryan is the founder and president of Jim Ryan Talks, an organization dedicated to the cultivation and development of each individual’s potential for living a life full of joy, fulfillment and success. Jim has the unique ability to take profound, life-changing concepts and turn them into easily understood solutions. Jim is a visionary, a leading edge thinker, whose words gently penetrate to the core of his listeners. His message empowers and inspires his audiences to live their best lives: a message that encourages each attendee to achieve his personal best, at home, at work and in personal relationships. If you are looking for a happier, more fulfilled life, you have landed in the right spot. Send us a message and let's get started!

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